Hypercapnia Breathing Exercise I

hypercapnia breathing exercise post covid

Hypercapnia Breathing Exercise I

Hypercapnia breathing exercises can give certain health benefits if done right. Because the level of CO2 in your blood increases, you stimulate certain receptors, including those of your lungs, liver and kidneys. Just like with sports, you train certain organs with this.

Research shows that this can not only take athletes to a higher level, but that these exercises can also promote recovery. Indications are therefore damage to the lungs after Covid-19, asthma and COPD or after a long period of smoking.

However, be careful when doing these exercises! Always consult your doctor first if there are any health problems. NEVER do this while driving or swimming. It’s safest to do in the middle of a big bed and in the company of others in case you get dizzy or pass out. Good luck!

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