Health Therapist Jerome Verbeek

Treatment according to orthomolecular cPNI

Paleo diet, supplementation, sleep rhythm, stress management, intestinal flora improvement

As an orthomolecular therapist (naturopath) in clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology I can help people with the following complaints / conditions:

You can contact me for: stomach pain, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, skin complaints, autoimmune diseases, energy problems, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, healthy pregnancy, menopausal complaints, allergies, anxiety disorders, depression, burnout and fibromyalgia. Is your complaint not listed, but are you wondering whether I can still help? Feel free to mail or call me!

I guide and advise on:

Paleo diet

I have detailed nutritional guidelines that you receive for free with my consultations. These contain both the principles and daily schedules and are continuously updated by me.

Gut flora

A healthy intestinal flora is the basis of energy, weight management, resilience and psychological health. Even if you have no stomach pains, there is almost no clinical ilness or complaint in which our intestinal flora plays no role.


These signaling substances in our body can often cause many complaints. Just think of menstrual or menopausal complaints. I map this out through specific lab testing for a proper treatment course.


Sometimes you cannot escape the fact that food alone does not contain enough nutrients. Think of long-term shortages due to one-sided nutrition, such as eating too little fish. Or for problems where the body needs a little push in the beginning. My intention is always to reduce these supplements afterwards.


Not only the quantity but also the quality of sleep is of utmost importance for recovery and general health. I have written specific guidelines for this and together we adapt them to your situation.


The remark "it's stress" is of little use to anyone. Body affects mind and mind affects body. By improving your health step by step, you become more stress resistant. These steps include sufficient omega 3, more energy, a good night's sleep and practical relaxation techniques.


Sometimes experiences stick with us. It may be that psychological therapy alone is not enough for this. Therefore, I can advise on a variety of neurolinguistic techniques that can help change subconscious patterns.

Laboratory research

The value of lab testing

While not necessary, laboratory testing can confirm a diagnosis, guide treatments and confirm that we are on the right track. I can search and provide lab tests for most regions around the world. For blood tests you will be given an explanation of how to have the blood drawn. All other tests can be carried out at home and returned to the laboratories by post.

Blood tests:
vitamin & mineral deficiencies, slow allergens, specific inflammatory values & thyroid functions

Stool tests:
intestinal flora, pathogens, immune and inflammatory values

hormones including estrogens

Most of the examinations that I want performed are usually not done often or incompletely at the general practitioner or hospitals. I suspect this is mainly due to the fact that there are few causal solutions available, so there is no (repeated) testing for values that are untreatable in their professional opinion.


Treatment via video calls

A consult with me is easily planned and all questions are welcome. You may have a serious chronic illness or you may just want to know which supplements are healthy to use for the long term. Certainly not everyone needs to have multiple consults or lab tests. Not sure if I can help you with your complaints or goals? I’ll gladly call you without any obligations and will always give an honest assessment of success based on my knowledge and experience.

My consultations are done via video calling. I have been doing this for years now and it seems perfectly suitable, even for people who are less handy when it comes to computers. I easily adapt to your preferred programs, which include Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp video calling. If you have no experience with this yet, I make it so you simply have to click on one link to start. You only need a microphone and camera. Laptops, tablets and cell phones usually have both.

Intake consult

I analyse your complaints with the help of my questionnaire

In case of more complex complaints or syndromes, it is wise to start with an intake interview and questionnaire. This allows me to immerse myself in your (medical) history and not overlook anything. You will receive a questionnaire by e-mail before our first meeting. This is very user-friendly and can be completed online. You will also be given the opportunity to upload previous (blood) tests with the questionnaire. In this way privacy is guaranteed and I can carefully look at patterns or deviations that may indicate the causes of your complaints.

Plan your free consult here

I will call you at your scheduled time via Zoom. You do not need to install Zoom for this if you don’t want to*.

*You will simply receive a link to use after planning your time with me. From there a webpage will open and below you can either download Zoom or click on “Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser” if you prefer not to install anything.

If these given times do not work for you, for instance because of timezone difference, please feel free to contact me for consultations at a moment better suited to your schedule. 


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