Health Therapist Jerome Verbeek

Jerome Verbeek

 cPNI Health therapist | Teacher | Speaker

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About me

I help people in sickness and health by giving them nutritional and lifestyle advice.

I give practical advice and emphasize with people’s struggles, because I myself was chronically sick for many years and had to search for a solution. My name is Jerome Verbeek (41) and I am:

What can I do for you?

Treatment via video calls  

As a health professional I treat clients via video calls. Furthermore I teach other therapists in my profession and I give lectures for companies. Take a look below at the services I offer. Feel free to click for more details. 


Long-term complaints? I can find out the root causes of your problems by doing intestinal flora, hormonal and blood tests. But even without any testing, I give practical advice about paleo nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and stress management.


I have a lot of experience as a teacher for other therapists in my field and I am appreciated by them for my clear, inspiring and friendly way in which I explain difficult matters. And teaching others in turn makes me a better therapist.


I like to give lectures about healthy food and lifestyle for companies and on YouTube. As feedback I always hear that I provide understandable and enthusiastic teachings. For years I gave lectures at offices and for personnel of the Justice departments.

Many diseases can be prevented or cured by adapting your lifestyle

Nutrition, lab testing, supplements and practical advice

Free Video Lectures

Webinars and lectures are a good way for people to get aquanted to my profession and the possibilities regarding sickness and health.

Watch my recorded lectures for free about various diseases and health related subjects. During all my lectures I give practical advise you can immediately implement. If there is a need for a personal consult, you can always contact me afterwards.

My most recent articles and video lectures


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