Health Therapist Jerome Verbeek

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Lectures for companies, free video's & webinars

I like to give lectures about healthy food and lifestyle for companies. As feedback I always hear that I provide understandable and enthusiastic teachings. For years I gave lectures at offices and for personnel of the Justice departments. For my practice I also give lectures for specific target groups and interested parties. In my previous company BodySwitch I was constantly asked to be a spokesperson at trade fairs and conferences.

Lately, I have also been busy sharing advice about a healthy lifestyle online. My free recorded video lectures and webinars are an ideal way to introduce people to the content of my field. It appears to be so new to use food and intestinal flora as medicine, that a large part of the population is hardly aware of this powerful method of treatment.

Company lectures

Patient associations

Trade fairs




Company lectures

I enjoy giving lectures

Lunch lecture (2 hours) :
price on request

Suitable for groups of 10-20 people, in which I give practical advice on nutrition such as carbohydrate restriction and healthy fats. In addition, I give easily applicable tips about exercise.

Day part (2 x 2 hours) :
price on request
Suitable for groups of 10-20 or more. In addition to nutritional and exercise advice, I will discuss more specific aspects about illness and health such as improving your intestinal flora and optimizing sleep rhythm.

Follow-up :
price on request

During my lectures it usually turns out that there are people in the audience with long-term complaints. Often these are debilitating for both the person in question and the company. Think e.g. about long term incapacity to work. I can provide personal guidance as a therapist for these people. Sometimes it may even be worth it to have some of my treatment funded by the company.


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